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MAB.tools is a brand established in 2013 to celebrate the creation of a nimble and independent company, emerging from a group created in 1961 by Gianfranco Maiolini

MAB stands for Manifattura d’Abrasivi Brescia and it is the name of the company taken over in 1961 by Gianfranco Maiolini, an enthusiast can-do guy in his twenties. Years of hard work, abroad travelling and entrepreneurial vision allowed him to create a multinational (molemab) with subsidiaries not only in Italy ( Abra Beta a>), but also abroad (molemab France, Abmast , molemab Inotech). The French branch became independent in 2013 and it took a new name, MAB.tools, modern but with ancient roots.

We consider coated abrasives all the tools using abrasive paper or abrasive cloth in the most disparate forms and constructions such as for example flap discs, mounted flap wheels, vulcanised fibre discs, belts and shop rolls

Bonded abrasives are defined as all those tools that are manufactured by agglomerating abrasive grains with each other by means of various types of binders such as vitrified grinding wheels, bench grinding wheel, cup wheels, abrasive segments, grinding wheels with shank, non-reinforced discs, reinforced cutting and grinding discs.

Synthetic diamond and cubic boron nitride are defined as superabrasives, two synthetic raw materials much harder than traditional aluminum oxide. By extension, tools that use a superabrasive as raw material are also defined as superabrasives, such as diamond discs and superabrasive wheels

EN 12413 Bonded abrasives, EN 13236 Superabrasives, EN 13743 Coated abrasives are the main norms specifying in Europe the requirements and / or measures for the elimination or reduction of the dangers associated with the design and application of abrasives tools to be used on rotating tools.

MAB.tools donated the domain name www.abrasivessafety.com to Federation of European Producers of Abrasives. Visit the website, result of the collaboration of dozens of international experts.

FEPA is the European Association which groups together the abrasives National Associations and abrasive manufacturers. The technical commissions of experts from FEPA are responsible for drawing up and keeping updated the specifications for the safe use of abrasive tools

We comply to European standards EN 12413, EN 13236 and EN 13743: we visually check all the products one by one and we carry out sampling destructive tests which confirm that our abrasive tools are safe in everyday use.

According to REACH, abrasive products– with exemption of polishes and pastes which are defined as mixtures or substances – meet the criteria of articles. Consequently no safety data sheets have to be provided by abrasive producers for most of their products.

We can however supply on request a Voluntary Product Information (VPI) based on the format of a safety data sheet.

It all depends on how much you value your time and the job you want to do with it. Products sold in brico can meet the basic needs of the DIY enthusiast, our abrasive tools are designed for daily use in professional situations where the constancy and repeatability of the result are fundamental.

All our tools, cutting discs and grinding discs, flap discs , flap wheels and wheels are made in Italy and in France, not in Eastern or North African countries. Raw materials are all of high quality, with no use of recycled abrasive or other waste materials. We follow the EN12413 standard, this means that the discs are checked one by one before packing, and bursting speed tests are carried out on each production batch.

MABTOOLS is an agile and flexible entity. We try to keep our costs low through careful and prudent management, and we are happy with correct margins.

No, The GS1 Prefix does not show the country of origin.
An EAN-13 barcode number always starts with the GS1 Prefix of the GS1 Member Organisation that allocated the barcode number. The GS1 Prefix does not indicate that the product was manufactured in a specific country or by a specific manufacturer; it may have been produced anywhere in the world.
If you type a barcode number into the GEPIR system you will find out information about the company which allocated the number.
To find the country of origin simply look for the text Made in on the label of the product

For all standard material we guarantee a shipment in 24/48 hours.

To ensure the high quality of our products, we have chosen not to keep stocks of low-rotation items. We do not want to give you products that have were left over in stock for long a long time, therefore there are products for which production is made to order. We are nonetheless always willing to expand the range of products in stock, on the basis of consumption planning.

There is no minimum order, but for orders under € 300 we ask for a delivery contribution of € 12.5.

The minimum order for free shipping is € 300

For orders under € 300, shipping costs are € 12.5.

Our products are studied and conceived for professional use, and we don’t want to create confusion on the market

Unlike our competitors, we prefer to focus on production. Therefore we do not sell directly to end users but only to resellers, and we let business relationships with end users be maintained by our partners and customers.

Unlike some of our competitors, we prefer to focus on what we know: abrasives. Our goal is not to sell everything to everyone, but to sell quality abrasives.

There is no suitable mix for cutting wood. We offer a 6-pointed blade to optimally cut and mill wood and PVC

Flaps are glued to the backing with an extremely resistant glue. It is practically impossible to separate backing, glue and flaps. Consequently, biodegradable support should also be disposed of in special waste, making the choice unnecessary and expensive.

We offer the complete range of our products in private label. We can advise you starting from the selection of the products to market up to creation of tailored labels and boxes