Mounted flap wheels

Mounted flap wheels

Mounted flap wheels are produced by gluing flaps of abrasive cloth or other materials (e.g. non-woven fabric, or a mix of cloth and non-woven fabric) on a 3 or 6 mm diameter metal shaft. The application and the material worked determine the type and the grain of the abrasive to use.

flap wheels are characterized by the material used (abrasive cloth, non-woven mesh or a mixture of the two) and by the abrasive used. In fact, there are flap wheels with zirconia, corundum and ceramic corundum.

Mounted flap wheels are mounted on straight grinders.

It is important to always follow all the safety rules and not to forget to wear all the personal protective equipment indicated on the wheel itself.

Wear ear protections (ISO 7010)

Wear a mask (ISO 7010)

Wear eye protection (ISO 7010)

Wear protective gloves (ISO 7010)

Wear an apron

Personal protective equipment to wear when using mounted flap wheels

For all information relating to the correct and safe use of abrasive tools we suggest you to visit the site:

MABTOOLS manufactures in Italy flap wheels with 22mm to 80mm diameter and flared 60x40mm , using cloths produced by Interabrasives, Klingspr, Norton, TAF and VSM and non-woven fabric made in Italy.

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