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MABTOOLS cutting discs

Cutting discs are reinforced discs. This means that inside them, in addition to the abrasive, there are one or more layers of fiberglass mesh. This net has the purpose of avoiding the breaking of the disc, reinforcing its structure. They can be flat or with a depressed center, and are produced with a mixture of abrasive, resins and additives which depends on the type of material to be worked.

The production of cutting discs follows 5 stages:

  • Preparation of a mix made of abrasives, resins and additives, chosen on the basis of the characteristics that the disc must have.
  • Transfer of the mix into moulds of the size of the disc, with the insertion of fiberglass nets and the metal ring.
  • Shaping with a presse
  • Curing
  • Individual control of the produced discs and safety and performance tests of all batches.

Cutting discs are mounted on angle grinders, that must be specific to the diameter of the discs used (115, 125 or 230 mm).

It is important to always follow all safety rules. In particular, the cutting carter must be mounted on the grinder. It is also essential not to forget to wear all the personal protective equipment depicted on the disc itself.

Right carter to use when working with cutting discs
Right carter to use when working with cutting discs

Wear ear protections (ISO 7010)

Wear a mask (ISO 7010)

Wear eye protection (ISO 7010)

Wear protective gloves (ISO 7010)

PPE Personal protective equipment to wear when using cutting discs

For all information relating to the correct and safe use of abrasive tools we suggest you to visit the site:

MABTOOLS fabrique en France des disques de tronçonnage pour meuleuse d’angle de diamètre 115 à diamètre 230, en utilisant toiles de renfort en fibre de verre et résines produites en Europe, et abrasifs sélectionnés de haute qualité

MABTOOLS offers 4 different ranges: ENERGY, POWER, XFORCE, and R.EVOLUTION with increasing performance characteristics that adapt to different work needs.

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